Passionate about Energy Efficiency

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One of the core values that drives the culture at UMP is our passion for helping clients reduce their overall energy usage.  The primary way we do this is by designing & manufacturing energy efficient solutions.  The team at UMP has been involved in providing energy efficient systems for almost 40 years (before being environmentally focused became a marketing sound byte).  The solutions that UMP provides to the marketplace have a direct & significant impact on the overall power usage in the United States and the globe.  One of the areas that UMP excels at is in the area of providing optimized cooling solutions for data centers.  We have helped colocation facilities, enterprise, and hyper-scale clients reduce the overall energy usage, for cooling of their data centers, by as much as half in many cases.  Not only has this led to a significant bottom line financial savings, but we have been privileged to be involved with clients who take the responsibility of water & energy usage seriously.  If you are embarking on a new data center project or other large scale facility and are looking for ways to provide the most efficient cooling system possible then we would love to connect with you and share our passion for optimizing energy efficiency by providing cutting edge data center cooling solutions.  Contact for more information regarding our direct, indirect, and CRAH equipment solutions.