Data Center Cooling: Opportunity for Water Savings

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As the UMP Data Center Cooling Division has been deploying solutions on data centers we have noticed a common theme.  More and more end users are becoming concerned with their water usage.  The most sophisticated end users are not simply looking at the onsite water usage, but they are taking into consideration the amount of water that is used at the power plant to generate the electricity.  In other words, they are tracking the hydro-footprint of the electricity.  This awareness of the hydro-footprint has led to many of the largest data center owners in the country to deploy evaporative technologies.  Each end-users facility requirements are different which means that the type of evaporative system deployed is site specific.  Some owners do not want to deal with the filtration issues that come from allowing outside air into the facility which means that they often choose an indirect evaporative cooling type of solution such as the AHCe.  UMP developed this solution to significant reduce the amount of water that is typically used in the indirect evaporative cooling process.  As a result of this water savings that the AHCe offers, many large scale data center clients have deployed this type of system on their facilities.

If you are building a data center and are concerned with water and power usage (i.e. PUE & WUE) then contact the UMP design team so they can help you deploy an optimized cooling system.  They can be reached via email at