Indirect Evaporative Cooling Solutions for Data Centers

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In the last couple of years or so other manufacturers have begun to emphasize their indirect evaporative cooling solution for data centers.  This is a common business cycle that is taking place.  An innovative solution begins to have broader appeal in a vertical market and as a result companies begin to try to catch the technology wave and offer their “me too” system.

What is interesting about this is that United Metal Products has been providing indirect evaporative solutions to data center clients for several years.  What is even more interesting is that the indirect evaporative systems that United Metal Products has been deploying in the data center industry for the last several years have been deployed in other vertical markets for over twenty years.  This proven track record of experience is one of the reasons that United Metal Products has had such success in the data center market.  In other words, the design and manufacturing of these systems is not a response to other manufacturers rather United Metal Products has been the leading innovator of evaporative cooling technology since its inception over 35 years ago.

When it comes to applying evaporative cooling technologies on or in your data center  make sure you are working with the industry’s most  innovative and experienced company. Contact to learn more about how you as a consulting engineer, data center owner, or contractor can take advantage of the energy saving technology of indirect evaporative cooling.