The Design Assist Program: Indirect & Direct Evaporative Cooling for Data Centers

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As data center operators around the world seek to improve their overall PUE rating many are turning to energy efficient methods of cooling. One of the most strategic ways for data centers to lower their PUE and reduce their OPEX is by applying indirect direct evaporative cooling strategy.

In addition to the already existing program to help data centers save energy cost by applying energy efficient cooling solutions, United Metal Products has a program specifically for those who are seeking to apply the compressor free technology of indirect or direct cooling to their next data center. The four steps in this data center cooling program are shown below:

design assist program for indirect direct evaporative cooling strategy

Design Assist Program for Indirect-Direct evaporative cooling strategy for Data Centers

To learn more about how the Design Assist Program for Indirect-Direct Evaporative CoolingTM can help your data center reduce energy usage and cost email Harold Simmons at