April 8, 2009

Understanding the Differences between CELdek® and GLASdek® Evaporative Cooling Media

CoolingMedia.com provides high quality evaporative cooler replacement media for commercial, industrial, and residential cooling equipment.  In order to ensure the highest quality performance from evaporative coolers it is necessary to regularly replace the cooling pads.  For those who are looking to purchase replacement media CoolingMedia.com offers a quick and convenient way to do so.  They offer both […]
April 3, 2009

CELDek®: An Effective Solution for Evaporative Cooling Equipment Replacement Media

When it comes to evaporative cooler replacement media, not all media is created equally.  CELdek® evaporative media is made from a specially engineered cellulose paper that is chemically treated to resist deterioration. The cross fluted, unequal angle pad design promotes the turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum cooling and humidification. This unique design functions to […]
April 1, 2009

Packaged Central Plant Solution by Chil-Pak® Chosen for Glendale Media Center

Peter Powell of The ACHR NEWS has written an article regarding the application of a fully integrated packaged central plant by Chil-Pak® at the Glendale Media Center.  The Media Center serves as the operation headquarters for media staff during national sporting events held at the University of Phoenix Stadium-a facility that has been called one of the […]
March 30, 2009

An Often Overlooked Advantage of Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling

One advantage of indirect-direct evaporative cooling over packaged air conditioning that is often overlooked is total water usage. Steve Kinkel has pointed out in a recently published article entitlted Four Timely Benefits of Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling: ” …Indirect-direct systems use a significantly less amount of water to provide cooling. This may not seem like the case at […]
March 27, 2009

CoolingMedia.com: An Interview with the General Manager

The General Manager of CoolingMedia.com was recently asked a few questions about their new website for obtaining evaporative cooling replacement media.  Below are his responses: Interviewer: There has been a lot of information on the United Metal Products website recently regarding CoolingMedia.com. In a nutshell what is CoolingMedia.com? General Manager: CoolingMedia.com specializes in providing evaporative cooling replacement […]
March 24, 2009

Are Your Evaporative Coolers Ready for the Cooling Season?

Now is the time to make sure that the evaporative cooling equipment on your facilities is running at a high level of efficiency. One way to ensure optimal operating effectiveness is to perform regular maintenance on the evaporative units including replacing the cooling media when necessary. CoolingMedia.com is a seller of authentic CELdek® and GLASdek® evaporative media […]
March 24, 2009

Three Tips for Preventing Algae in Evaporative Coolers

CoolingMedia.com has a helpful article providing three easy tips for helping prevent the growth of algae in evaporative cooling equipment. Because algae needs sunlight in order to grow one of the most helpful ways to help prevent algae is by shading the pad and the sump. The second tip for reducing algae growth is to make sure […]
March 23, 2009

The IDU: Part of the Solution for Implementing an Energy Management Program for Data Centers

As part of United Metal Products’ commitment to produce energy efficient cooling solutions, they recently attended a conference on effectively managing power usage in data centers. During the conference a list of data center best practices published by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was shared with those in attendance. Below are three of the best practices that were […]
March 19, 2009

Energy Efficient Data Center Cooling

At the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago, IL, there was much discussion around the topic of efficient data center cooling.  One of the contributing factors to the increased discussion was ASHRAE’s decision to raise the  recommended supply air temperature for data centers from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  The widening of the range is consistent […]