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At the ASHRAE Winter Conference in Chicago, IL, there was much discussion around the topic of efficient data center cooling.  One of the contributing factors to the increased discussion was ASHRAE’s decision to raise the  recommended supply air temperature for data centers from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  The widening of the range is consistent with what has been going on in the data center world for some time now, as many data center designers are recognizing that raising the supply air is an effective way to increase energy efficiency and create significant financial savings.  Steve Kinkel, CEO of United Metal Products, notes that with ASHRAE’s raising of the recommended supply air temperature that evaporative cooling technologies will continue to play a significant role in creating more  efficient data centers.

United Metal Products has developed a line of products that implement evaporative cooling technology to help data center designers achieve greater levels of financial savings and energy efficiency.  Designers that are seeking to apply direct evaporative cooling to their facilities will benefit from the Fan-Air and Cel-Air line of equipment. While data center facilities that require a lower supply air temperature will find the IDU (Indirect-Direct Unit) to be an excellent choice.   In addition to these standard line of  offerings the design team at United Metal Products can provide completely customizable layouts to meet your data center cooling needs.