Ease of Maintenance: Another Advantage of the Packaged Central Plant Solution

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Inside the  Chil-Pak® all components have been carefully engineered and installed to allow easy access for maintenance. The inner lining is provided with 20 gauge galvanized metal for sound attenuation. It is also provided with a small fan coil unit which maintains the room at a comfortable temperature for people and electronic components. Strategically located access doors around the unit cabinet facilitate maintenance especially to those hard to service areas. Above the chiller compressors, structural beams can be installed to facilitate the removal and replacement of a compressor if it ever becomes necessary. A refrigerant leak detector monitoring system with audible alarm and strobe light is also installed in the unit to provide the required protection for maintenance personnel. An exhaust fan outside air damper is also provided to keep the unit ventilated. Drain pans facilitate housekeeping at critical locations including pumps and condenser marine boxes. All drain pans and the cooling tower overflows are connected to a single outlet.