CELDek®: An Effective Solution for Evaporative Cooling Equipment Replacement Media

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When it comes to evaporative cooler replacement media, not all media is created equally.  CELdek® evaporative media is made from a specially engineered cellulose paper that is chemically treated to resist deterioration. The cross fluted, unequal angle pad design promotes the turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum cooling and humidification. This unique design functions to continually direct more water to the air entering face of the pad, where the most intense evaporation occurs. The design and quality of materials used in CELdek® are a key component in optimizing evaporative cooler efficiency.

Get ready for the hot summer months by replacing your evaporative cooling media.  The experts at  CoolingMedia.com can custom cut evaporative  media to any size requirements or if you know the model number of your cooler you can select from a pre-packaged kit.