How We Serve Clients with Multiple Data Centers:

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Over the last few years United Metal Products has been approached by several technology companies and colocation companies that have multiple facilities to provide data center cooling solutions. Through United Metal Products’ work with these clients several unique processes have been developed that are allowing these clients to grow their infrastructure with fewer headaches.

One of these programs is “The The Design Assist Program for the Application of Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling Solutions to Data Centers.” Because United Metal Products has been serving several vertical markets for over thirty years they have been able to draw on that design experience in developing the most energy efficient cooling solutions for data centers. The knowledge that United Metal Products has brought to the table has been implemented on several large data center projects and is continuing to be implemented to help organizations reduce the amount of money that is spent on cooling their mission critical facilities.

If you have mission critical facilities and are looking to leverage evaporative  technologies to provide the data center cooling then contact to find out how the mission critical HVAC design team at United Metal Products can help.