Applying Air Side Economization Strategies in the Data Center

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Over the last few years as companies have become more aware of the energy usage of their data centers, United Metal Products has been helping them to reduce their OPEX by designing and applying several different cooling solutions.

One of the broader categories of systems designed for the mission critical facility by United Metal have been those that take advantage of air side economization.  These systems have been applied on data centers where the owner has wanted to significantly reduce their operational expenses.  One of the most energy efficient air side economization strategies is direct evaporative cooling (adiabatic-cooled air side economizers).  Two of the concerns that many owners and engineers initially have when they consider using this strategy are the resulting humidification and potential air contamination from particulate issues.  United Metal Products has been able to draw on their 30+ years of experience in applying evaporative cooling technologies to dial in on humidity control. The filtration issue can be addressed by applying the proper filters (such as a Merv 11), developing  a strategic maintenance plan, and optimizing the overall design of the equipment so as to minimize the pressure drop throughout the system.

air side econmization