Data Center Design: From Functionality to Constructability

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One of United Metal Products strengths is coming alongside engineers and owners to help translate the functionality that is needed for a facility’s cooling system into a quality, factory built piece of equipment.   This has been especially true in the data center market.  As more and more end users recognize the environmental and OPEX benefits of eliminating compressors in the data center they are seeking to apply a variety of technologies such as evaporative cooling.  The experienced team at United Metal Products has been applying evaporative cooling to mission critical facilities for enterprise data centers as well as co-location type data centers.  Whether it is designing and manufacturing a system to provide trim cooling for a data center in Texas or providing a facility wide solution for a Silicon Valley data center, the experienced team at United Metal will design a system that is application specific and cost effective.


If your organization or a client you are working with is looking to reduce their OPEX without sacrificing reliability then United Metal Product’s Design Assist ProgramTM can help. To take advantage of “The Design Assist Program for the Application of Evaporative Cooling Technologies to Data Centers” contact