Design Considerations for Water Distribution Over Evaporative Cooling Media

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The evaporative media replacements experts at suggest the following two design considerations for water distribution on evaporative cooling media to achieve optimal cooling performance.

  1. The suggested amount of water flow varies depending on the depth of the evaporative media that is being used. CELdek requires 1.5 gallons per minute of water per square foot of horizontal (top) pad surface area. For installations that have intense evaporation or pad walls taller than 72″, an additional 10-20% of water should be used.
  2. The gutter and sump should be sized to supply the system with enough water to operate at its maximum flow rate and not overflow when the system is shut down. provides a convenient, quick, and easy way to purchase evaporative cooling replaement media. They offer excellent prices and are one of the largest distributors of evaporative cooling media in the United States.  Make sure your cooling equipment is by operating at an optimal peformance level and saving you money by regularly replacing the cooling media.  Visit for more helpful tips and advice regarding evaporative cooler media maintenance.