United Metal Products Announces National Account Program for Data Center Facilities

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United Metal Products recently launched a special program for data center facility owners who have multiple sites.  The National Account Program provides facility owners unique access to the design team at United Metal Products.  For over thirty years the team at United Metal Products has been manufacturing and applying innovative, green cooling technology to all types of facilities that require 24/7 cooling and air handling equipment.  At the Winter Conference in Chicago ASHRAE announced they were raising the recommended supply air temperature for data centers from 77 °F to 80.6 °F. This recommendation by ASHRAE Technical Comittee 9.9 provides an opportunity for data center owners to apply the super efficient Cel-Air Data Center Cooling Solution to their data center facilities and take even fuller advantage of the benefits of the National Account Program.

To learn more about how the National Account Program for Data Center Owners can benefit your organization call Harold Simmons  at 480.968.9550 or email h.simmons@unitedmetal.com