National Account Program for Multi-Site Companies

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In order to best serve large business owners and corporations who have multiple facilities United Metal Products® offers the benefit of a National Account Program. For companies that qualify for the program the experienced design team at United Metal Products® offers a unique support system to help achieve maximal organizational and equipment operational efficiency at each facility. With a design team that draws on over two hundred years of combined industry experience, United Metal Products® is able to reduce lead time and provide high quality, innovative solutions in a quick and efficient manner that gives multi-site corporations an edge over their competition and provides mechanical engineers with an added peace of mind.

Step 1: Inquire
If your company is a multi-site organization that would benefit from having a uniquely crafted and specialized national account program, then call the experienced design team at United Metal Products to express your interest in applying for the national account program.

Step 2: Needs Assessment
If your organization qualifies for the national account program, then United Metal Products will enter into a needs assessment with your company. As the needs analysis is conducted your organization and United Metal will work together to address the unique aspects of your companies cooling and heating needs.

Step 3: Proposal and Long Term Agreement
Once the unique needs of your organization are determined United Metal Products will put together an official proposal outlining the unique terms between your company and United Metal Products.

Step 4:  Product Development
One of the main advantages of the National Account Program is that the design team at United Metal Products will continually be innovating new and cost effective environmentally friendly HVAC solutions for your company. This commitment to development gives your organization the advantage of having the most efficient, innovative cooling and heating systems applied to your facilities allowing you to achieve greater financial savings.

To learn more about the specific benefits and advantages of the National Account Program call Kent Riggenbach at 480.968.9550 or email