Cooling Solutions for Phoenix Data Centers

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Over the last few years many technology, colocation, and Fortune 500 companies have recognized the Phoenix, Arizona area as a great place to have a data center.  In addition to great deals on real estate the Phoenix market offers data center owners and developers fairly reasonably priced power (especially when compared to New York City or California), an excellent geographic environment  that allows for thousands of hours of economization (water or air), relatively few natural disasters, and fairly strong network fiber connectivity.

One great way to take advantage of the OPEX savings that the Phoenix market offers to data center owners is to integrate evaporative cooling into the infrastructure strategy.  As ASHRAE T.C 9.9 has continued to raise the suggested inlet supply temperatures to the servers this has further opened the window for data centers to apply the energy saving solution of evaporative cooling.  United Metal Products, who is an HVAC manufacturer based in the Phoenix Valley, has actually seen more and more clients taking advantage of evaporative cooling as a complimentary solution to a chilled water plant, while other clients have been using indirect-direct evaporative cooling as a means of cooling their data centers.

If your company is planning on locating a data center in the Phoenix market contact  to learn more about to take advantage of integrating evaporative cooling into the data center infrastructure.

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