30+ Years of Experience in Applying Evaporative Cooling

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United Metal Products, Inc. opened their doors for business back in 1978. Since that time the experienced and innovative design & manufacturing team at United Metal has literally changed the evaporative cooling industry.  As the holder of several patents, United Metal, has contributed to incredible efficiency gains resulting in lower OPEX for clients in multiple industries.  In recent years, evaporative cooling has gained increased notoriety as some higher profile industries have begun applying the technology to their facilities.  One industry in specificl that has been taking advantage oft innovation is the mission critical space.  By applying direct evaporative cooling, indirect-direct evaporative, indirect cooling, and/or other energy saving cooling technologies, United Metal Products has helped financial services clients, hardware clients, and other data center end users to save up to 50+% on their cooling costs.  In addition to the solutions that United Metal Products has provided to the data center industry their sister company’s solutions, Chil-Pak, have also been in demand.  Chil-Pak recently provided a data center for a Fortune 10 client with one of their modular chilled water plants.  The ability of United Metal Products and Chil-Pak to offer both a modular chilled water solution in conjunction with adiabatic strategies has been a strategic benefit for numerous clients which has allowed them to optimize their cooling systems without sacrificing dependability.

To learn more about how your organization can take advantage of these time tested technologies contact h.simmons@unitedmetal.com or datacenters@chil-pak.com