Data Center Cooling Solution: The IRA™

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If you have attended a data center industry conference in the last year then you have no doubt heard large end users speak about how their facility has implemented evaporative cooling to lower their PUE and reduce their OPEX.  The embracing of evaporative cooling technology by the data center industry has been a great way for corporations in the right geographic locations to save money.

One evaporative technology that is being readily applied to data centers around the globe is indirect evaporative cooling.  Energy recovery over the past decade has been largely centered around sensible recovery. Although this works well in the colder climatic regions of the world, it has not been as effective in areas where higher dry bulb temperatures exist.

However, the IRA™ ,by United Metal Products, offers an effective solution for cooling data centers in these higher temperature regions.  The principle is simple.  Exchange temperature at the wet bulb level.  This can increase efficiency by more than 50% when compared to the traditional dry bulb exchanger. This results in huge financial savings from both a CAPEX & OPEX perspective for data centers.

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