The Adiabatic Hydro Cooler™: A Strategic Solution for Data Center Cooling to Help Improve Overall PUE

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Power usage is one of the main challenges for data center users. Over 1.5% (with some reports as high as 4%) of all power in the United States is being consumed by data centers and one-third of this energy goes toward cooling the data center facility. The Adiabatic Hydro Cooler (AHC) provides an energy efficient, cost effective, flexible, and reliable cooling solution to help data centers achieve an optimal PUE by taking advantage of more free-cooling.

DC-AHC - Adiabatic Hydro Cooler

For over 30 years United Metal has positioned itself as a leading provider of cooling solutions for high density applications. United Metal Products® offer an energy efficient, reliable, low maintenance and cost effective cooling solution using indirect and evaporative cooling technologies in a simple, self-contained unit – the Adiabatic Hydro Cooler (AHC).TM

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