Fortune 100 Company Chooses Chil-Pak for Their Data Center

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How can you determine what it is like to work with a company you have not previously done business with?  One of the best ways to understand what it is like  is to ask previous clients about their experience.  Chil-Pak® recently finished up a project working on a data center for a Fortune 100 company and received feedback that other companies who are building data centers should consider.  Below is a sampling of the feedback:

“Chil-Pak is a much better quality system, more flexible design, easier to install, and is a much better overall value compared to other packaged central plants.”  -Jeff

“Chil-Pak packaged central plants are a great product and can be used in multiple applications because they can be easily modified for different needs.  The only suggestion I have for the team at Chil-Pak is that they do more marketing so that others can take advantage of their solutions.”  -Troy

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