Five Practical Tips to Consider When Selecting Evaporative Cooling Media

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In recent years there have been more and more companies seeking to enter into the marketplace for evaporative cooling media.  With so many choices it is easy to assume that they are all relatively the same.  However, it is important to remember that evaporative cooling media is actually an engineered product and when designed correctly offers many benefits.  The following five reasons are just some of the benefits of CELdek® cooling pads:

  1. Enhances and optimizes overall system performance.
  2. Provides end users with high quality media for long term durability.
  3. Helps to significantly reduce and eliminate  odors.
  4. Reduces  complaints.
  5. Provides end users with peace of mind.

Make sure to replace your evaporative cooling equipment with the cooling media that manufacturers of evapoartive coolers have trusted for years.  Order  CELdek® and GLASdek® evaporative replacement pads at

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