A New ERA of Data Center Cooling Announced

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Two weeks ago at the AFCOM National Conference in Las Vegas,  United Metal Products announced a super efficient cooling solution for data centers and other mission critical facilities.  The solution is known as the DC-ERATM. This energy saving cooling system has been specifically designed for the higher allowable cold aisle temperatures being applied in today’s Data Centers.   As Enterprise Data Centers, Co-location facilities and other mission critical facilities apply this technology they are strategically reducing the overall OPEX as well as significantly lowering their PUE.

The DC-ERATM was developed by borrowing from strategies that United Metal Products has been designing and applying to recent data centers as well as from the best practices they have applied in other industries for years.  In other words, this product provides data centers with the best of both worlds, an innovative energy saving solution that has a proven track record on other applications throughout the world.

Some of the unique features of the DC-ERATM are:

• 0-100% OSA /Evaporative Economizer (free cooling)
• 5,000-100,000 CFM or higher
• Powered Variable Exhaust
• 50 kW-1000 kW of cooling capacity
• Double wall foam filled thermal break construction
• Trim – DX cooling10% -50% (option)
• 100% – DX back up (option)
• Humidity control 2-4 steps (for winter operation)
• EC fan variable speed technology
• ETL Listed and Labeled in accordance with UL1995

Do you have a data center project that you are developing? Are you seeking to apply energy efficient cooling solutions to reduce your overall PUE and save money without sacrificing reliability? United Metal may be able to provide you with a great solution contact h.simmons@unitedmetal.com to find out how you reduce your OPEX and PUE without sacrificing the reliability of your data center.