The Data Center Standard for Indirect Cooling Solutions: The IRA

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There is good news for data center owners, general contractors, consulting engineers, and mechanical contractors. United Metal Products has standardized a new line of indirect cooling solutions for data centers and other mission critical facilities.  This same type of technology has had the leading consulting engineers so intrigued that they have written entire articles on United Metal’s innovative indirect direct cooling solution.  By standardizing the indirect cooling design in the IRA United Metal has opened up this energy efficient cooling solution for all types of data centers from smaller 100kw applications all the way up to the enterprise and colocation facilities with 25+ MW of load.

When applying indirect cooling it is extremely important that the technology is designed and applied appropriately.  United Metal’s 35 years of experience helps to ensure clients that they are getting not only an energy efficient cooling system, but one that is reliable.

If you have a data center project where you are considering applying energy efficient cooling solutions to reduce both your OPEX and PUE , then contact Also ask about “The Design Assist Program for Indirect & Direct Evaporative Cooling to Data Centers” and how your company can potentially save millions through applying this innovative and reliable solution.