Virtual Modeling Process for the Central Plant Solution

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The DNA of all Chil-Pak® equipment originates with the P&ID drawing. Chil-Pak® uses the intelligent design information about the components contained in the P&ID to make the appropriate component selection. The “Solid WorksTM” 3D design program enables Chil-Pak® to arrange the piping layout to make sure the connections are accurate and the components easily serviceable, as well as fabricate and pre-construct pieces for on the floor fit and fashion. Chil-Pak’s® experienced and knowledgeable design team uses top of the line engineering software to run structural analysis, ensuring that the packaged central plant systems are built as light as possible with full structural integrity. In fact, system designs have been hurricane rated to sustain winds of over 150 mph.


“Our virtual modeling system is one step in our process that enables our engineering team to more fully work interdependently and deliver high quality packaged central plants.”

—Peter Kinkel, Corporate Secretary of Chil-Pak®