Five Tips for Achieving Top Performance from Evaporative Cooling Equipment

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In order to achieve the maximum effectiveness from your evaporative cooling equipment regular maintenance is needed. offers the following five tips for optimal performance:

  • Remember to drain and disinfect the water distribution system every three months.
  • Avoid contaminants such as dust, toxic fumes, and harsh chemical cleaners including those for water treatment.
  • Make sure that the recommended amount of water is being run over the evaporative cooling media.
  • Fix any leaks in the water distribution system.
  • Set up a maintenance schedule where the water filters are being regularly cleaned. offers a convenient and quick  way to purchase your evaporative cooler replacement pads.  They are an authorized seller of  the original CELdek® and GLASdek® media.  By drawing on the 30+ years of  industry  experience of United Metal Products®, the knowledgeable team at is able to provide their customers with the highest quality evaporative cooler replacement media at an excellent price.