United Metal Products Deploys Evaporative Cooling Equipment for Large Data Center

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United Metal Products recent deployed several 60,000 CFM evaporative cooling units for a large data center in the Western United States.  These customized units integrated a chilled water coil into the modules.  The overall strategy for the deployment of this solution was a phased modularity approach which provides end users with an increased level of flexibility from a design standpoint and scalability from a delivery standpoint.  This deployment was one of several large data centers that United Metal Products has been involved with in the last few years.  When rightly applied, understood, and implemented as part of an overall cooling strategy evaporative cooling solutions provide data center end users with a great opportunity to significantly reduce their OPEX.

60k-cfm for large data center

If your company is looking for a way to take advantage of the energy efficient solution of evaporative cooling on your data centers then contact h.simmons@unitedmetal.com to learn how the evaporative cooling experts at United Metal can provide you with a reliable manufactured solution.