Responsible Design & Manufacturing 101: Protecting Data Centers from Misapplying Evaporative Cooling

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One of the responsibilities of a designer and manufacturer is to assist end users in developing the best solution for a given application.  In the mission critical space this is extremely important as a poorly designed cooling solution can have a negative ripple affect on the data center.  Some end users in recent years have been eager to apply the energy efficient technology of evaporative cooling on their data centers.  Evaporative cooling is a great solution for helping to significantly reduce the OPEX on a data center; however, it must be applied correctly.  This technology is not the right solution for every data center and therefore it is important to bring in an experienced manufacturer early on in the process, so that your team benefits from their design assist support.

If you are looking for an experienced manufacturer to help with the design assist and manufacturing of energy efficient cooling solution for your data centers consider  United Metal Products.   For more information contact to learn more about the  “Design Assist Program for Cooling Solutions for Data Centers.”