The Unique Project Management Ability of UMP as Applied to Data Centers

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Large scale data center companies has experienced tremendous growth during the last decade. Some of these providers are strictly focused on the lowest first cost provider and as a result beat up their suppliers and are surprised when these companies cease to exist a few years later. This leads to a game of musical chairs with regards to critical infrastructure equipment. This has most often been the strategy of the colocation providers, though not all.

The most mature companies have figured out that in order to deliver projects at a rapid pace, on time, with impeccable quality that they need their suppliers to be successful. These are the clients that UMP has strategically chosen to collaborate with. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and project execution has empowered many companies in the colocation data center space and Hyper-scalers alike to grow their infrastructure at a rapid pace.

UMP brings a unique project management approach to their clients that is different from a typical material supplier. This is reflected in UMP regularly scoring as the best data center cooling supplier with their clients. Not only does UMP create a superior product with unparalleled innovation, but they are able to execute project delivery at a large scale level that is hard to find in bi-furcated manufacturing strategies.

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