How a Lean Culture Led to Collaboration with the Largest Companies in the World

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One of the continual pursuits in business is to deliver greater value to the customer.  At UMP we have done this for over 40 years.  One of the key mechanisms that we have used in order to deliver superior quality products   is through the implementation of lean manufacturing.  Since the late 1990’s this has been an intentional focus at UMP.

This focus on delivering an excellent product in an optimized way has enabled UMP to serve the largest companies in the world from a variety of industries. Over the years this has meant delivering cutting edge cooling solutions to the Oil&Gas Industry, Big Box Commercial Warehouse Clients, and technology infrastructure companies.  The problems of heat removal and unique needs of large scale clients has led to collaborative relationships with Global 50 companies.  Some of these relationships with these clients go back 35+ years.

When you have critical infrastructure needs UMP has a proven track record of helping clients optimize their cooling systems to reduce operational expenses and provide the highest quality product in the HVAC space.