Product Highlight: The CR-ERA for Data Center Cooling

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The UMP Data Center Cooling division has been at the leading edge of the mission critical environment for the last several years.  The precipice that led to UMP devoting their energies to the data center space came back when ASHRAE raised the recommended supply air temperatures to the data center space back in 2008.  UMP was able to draw from their close to forty years of company history to deliver solutions that are on many of the most energy efficient data centers in the world.  The CR-ERA  for Data Center Cooling is one of the systems that was developed to help end users significantly reduce their OPEX, lower their energy usage, and as a result improve their PUE.

CR-ERA - Computer Room Evaporative Return Air for Data Centers

The core technology behind the CR-ERA is adiabatic or evaporative cooling.  The CR-ERA allows clients to take advantage of the energy saving technology of evaporative cooling in an inside the white space solution.

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