Evaporative Cooling for Data Centers (even for Enterprise & Colo Data Centers)

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Data Center Owners and Operators are constantly looking for ways to reduce the total cost of ownership of their facilities.  Some cutting edge technology companies have adopted direct evaporative cooling as the technology of choice to cool their data centers.  This is in large part due to the significant reduction in PUE that evaporative cooling provides which translates into financial savings by reducing the OPEX.

DC-AHC - Adiabatic (Evaporative) Hydro Cooler - reducing opex

While technology companies have been quicker-than traditional enterprise and colocation companies- to adopt direct evaporative cooling for their data centers it is now becoming more common place for enterprise/colocation companies to adopt multi-mode evaporative systems  as well.   The advantage of multi-mode evaporative cooling systems on data center facilities is that when properly designed they allow the owners to take advantage of local weather conditions for economization/free cooling without providing too high of levels of humidity to the data center space.   In fact, many traditional enterprise data center facilities have eliminated the concern of particulates and outside air being introduced into the computer hall space by applying indirect evaporative cooling.

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