Four Key Advantages of a Packaged Central Plant vs. Built Up Mechanical Room

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When considering whether a facility should go with a built up mechanical room or a Chil-Pak® packaged central plant the following four things should be considered:

  1. Initial Cost-Chil-Pak® is able to provide facilities with an effective central plant solution at 10-15% the cost of a traditional built up mechanical room.
  2. Reduced Lead Time-Because the engineering and system integration is done off site in an ISO 9000:2001 certified facility the project lead time is significantly reduced over an on-site built up project.
  3. Minimized Field Labor Risk and Cost-By moving the manufacturing process into a facility there is a significant reduction in field labor risk and cost.  Chil-Pak® takes the responsibility upon themselves and allows the building owners, general contractors, and engineering teams to focus on other pressing details.
  4. Consolidated System Responsibility-In a traditional built up plant if something needs to be replaced or fixed the facility owner is forced to track down the vendor of each particular component, while in the central plant solution that Chil-Pak® offers the owner only has to deal with Chil-Pak®.

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