Cost Saving Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Evaporative Coolers (Video)

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United Metal Products works with our clients to design systems that fits their building specific needs. In order to meet the challenge of height restrictions imposed on new building owners, United Metal Products has developed the lowest profile commercial evaporative coolers on the market today. One often overlooked advantage of evaporative cooling is that it consumes less water than air conditioning. This is because utility companies consume a substantial amount of water generating the electricity required by air conditioning.

United Metal Products offers their clients another major innovation. The central pumping system cuts at least 80% of the maintenance and fifty percent of the water normally wasted in standard evaporative coolers. The central pump works by having a single pump distribute the water to multiple units on the roof. Gravity then drains the water back to the single reservoir where it is easily maintained, controlled, and monitored. The central pump also keeps the individual units free from the corrosive effect of standing water.

If water usage is the building owners number one concern with evaporative cooling, maintenance is second. Ease of component access, large hinged accessed doors and panels, high quality sump construction, custom engineering and manufacturing with the owner in mind, all combine to make United Metal Products systems the favorite of design and maintenance engineers.

A unique cooling medium manufactured by Munters® allows us to compress 123 sq ft. of suface area into one cubic foot. This leads to optimal operating efficiency. This media’s distilling process produces pure water vapor free of pollutants, minerals, and bacteria. To product you and your clients United Metal Products industrial and commercial evaporative coolers are thoroughly tested in accordance with UL standards and can be ETL labeled at our factory.

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