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Meeting the challenge of a flexible solution based design that would accommodate large space cooling and heating brought on the development of the Cel-Air® evaporative cooling system. Whatever your specific needs our CAD designed system can develop solutions and generate changes on the plant floor in hours, instead of months or years. Once a unit has been meticulously configured by our high definition cutting system the parts are cleaned, powder coated, painted, and cured at 400 degrees Fahrenheit to a hard enamel finish. The components are then assembled, inspected, and tested. The entire process guided by a team philosophy of “do it right the first time.” We work to ensure that the quality and integrity of our equipment is second to none.

“As you can see from the following twenty year old video, we have a long history of  prioritizing the manufacturing and designing of  innovative and high quality evaporative cooling equipment.  In fact, we have been helping business save money for over thirty years by developing energy saving evaporative cooling equipment.”—Steve Kinkel, CEO of United Metal Products