Data Center Cooling Solutions for Arizona

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In recent months there have been numerous announcements made by large scale data center providers about their intention to build facilities in the East Mesa Technology Park as well as the Goodyear, Arizona region. These announcements are in part, no doubt, to the great work done back in 2013 by the Arizona Data Center Coalition, in helping to get AZ HB 2009 passed and put into A.R.S. § 41-1519 . One secondary advantage that these data centers have been able to take advantage of is the expertise of industry leading data center cooling manufacturer, UMP.

UMP is based in Tempe, Arizona and is recognized one of the leading providers of data center cooling solutions for companies all over the United States. The close proximity that UMP has to these sites has allowed these large scale users significant savings with regards to shipping, as well as the benefit of having the main engineers and manufacturing facilities located just a few miles away from their mission critical sites.

If you are a company and are designing your cooling strategies for your large scale data center, especially if it is in the Silicon Desert, then we look forward to working with you to manufacture best t in class cooling equipment for your data center. For more information contact