Meeting Global Supply Chain Needs: UMP Data Center Cooling

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The mission critical infrastructure in the United States and Globally has expanded at an unprecedented pace over the last decade and especially the last five years. One of the reasons for this has been in preparation for the wide scale adoption of 5G technology. The interplay and connection between the edge and the large scale epicenter data centers has been discussed at length at industry conferences, white papers, and podcasts.

The growth of the data center space seems to be just underway. The amount of connectivity that is planned to come on line in the next five years is breathtaking. One of the issues that this growth has caused for many large scale data centers is a reliable supply chain. Add to this mix the Covid19 global pandemic and it has put a wrench in even the best forecasters plans. UMP has over 40 years of industry experience in providing manufactured cooling solutions for the largest companies in the world. While there are multiple key values that have under-girded their success there are three in particular that have continued to set UMP apart as the best in class manufacturer.

The first core value is showing up on time. This seems so simple and yet there are still large scale suppliers who we compete with who have difficulty in doing this. Often times this is due to fragmented business silos, international supply chain difficulties, poor planning, or misinformation from secondary mechanical rep firms who make commitments that they cannot keep.

UMP has structured their business ethos, operational facilities, financial models, and contingency plans to eliminate the unnecessary interruptions to hitting schedules. In business reviews in multiple industry sectors UMP is regularly recognized as the top category performer and a large part of this is due to doing everything possible to always show up on time.

The second value that UMP emphasizes is doing what you say. Sadly, the mission critical space has had their fair share of manufacturing companies fail to complete projects, perform at the specified requirements, or properly manage operations so as to not shut their doors mid-project. UMP seeks to be a company that is known by their word. If UMP makes a commitment or has something in their scope they will make sure that they do what they say.

The third value that the UMP business culture has is that of finishing what you start. The data center industry has benefited from this in multiple ways. UMP views finishing what they start not just as something that applies to a project basis, but helping our data center clients finish what they start. This means if a Hyperscaler has a ten year plan to be the best in class from an energy efficiency standpoint that UMP will continue to innovate and improve efficiencies of the equipment. Data Center clients have found and spoken at industry events regularly recognizing how UMP is set apart from their peers in this area.

UMP desires to be a long term innovation partner with our data center clients and help them accomplish their goals. We would welcome the opportunity to support your global data center cooling needs. If you would like to begin a discussion about how UMP can support your data center cooling needs then contact the expert team by reaching out to Harold Simmons, Global Director of Strategy ( )