What Cooling Solution Is Your Data Center Trusting In?

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Over the last year there have been several high profile data centers that have had mechanical cooling issues.  As a result of this more and more data center end users are seeking out the design build manufacturing expertise of Chil-Pak®.  Rather than building an untested central plant for each data center, Chil-Pak® does all of the engineering, manufacturing, and integration of the system in an ISO 9000:2001 facility.

They are also able to perform testing of the plant before it ships.  This offers an incredible advantage over a built up system which can only be tested after it has been completed on site.  This advantage alone has led many engineers, general contractors, and owners to seek out the expertise of the Chil-Pak® team to provide the chilled water cooling solution for their next data center.

If you have an upcoming data center project and are looking for a reliable, modular,  redundant, and flexibly designed central plant cooling solution contact hsimmons@chil-pak.com