Three Keys for Delivering Successful Data Center Cooling Projects

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When it comes to evaluating the essence of what makes for a successful data center cooling project, the core components are similar to those in other vertical markets.  Most manufacturers are aware of these components, but for whatever reason not all vendors desire to implement them.

1) The first key to delivering a successful cooling solution for data center projects is to “Show Up on Time.”  This seems simply enough. However, in order to get a job there are manufacturers who will promise a delivery date and yet they have no real ability to meet that delivery date.  The team at United Metal Products recently saw this on a data center project for a major customer.  There were three vendors being considered for the cooling solution portion of the project.  Two of the vendors communicated longer lead times than the third vendor.  The third vendor was awarded the project.  However, after a few weeks it became apparent to the owner that the third vendor had over-promised on their delivery schedule. This led to project delays and increased frustration to all those involved on the project.  As a result of the dishonest vendor the owner removed them from the project and awarded the next phase to United Metal Products.

2) The second key in delivering a successful data center cooling project is to “Do What You Say“.  Again this is not an earth-shattering observation that deserves it’s own Harvard Business Review Article; however, without a vendor who is committed to honest, clear, proactive, and accurate communication the data center project will have increased headaches.

3) The third key in delivering a successful data center cooling project is to “Finish What You Start”. In theory every major vendor would agree with this principle.  However, the evidence as to whether or not this is truly a principle that a company holds to is to watch what happens when their is an issue with the equipment.  A manufacturer that takes care of issues with the equipment even when they don’t have to leads to successful data center projects for all involved.  Owners would benefit if they had a factor  in their TCO analysis for “smoothness of the overall project.”

If your company is looking to build a data center or data centers then make sure you are engaging with a vendor who 1) Does what they say 2) Shows up on Time  and  3) Finishes what they start.

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