The Dangers of Applying Evaporative Cooling on Data Centers

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The data center industry has become very focused on the reduction of  energy usage as a means to significantly reduce the overall OPEX of mission critical facilities.  One of the largest single areas of energy usage in the data center comes from the cooling systems that are applied.  Some end users have experimented and applied different types of compressor free cooling solutions such as evaporative cooling  on their facilities in the last few years.  While some of these data centers have had great successes others have been disappointing.  The main differentiator between the successful projects and the disappointing projects has been the manufacturers ability to appropriately layout and design the evaporative cooling equipment.  When the end user, engineer, contractors, and an industry proven manufacturer are brought together on a design assist/build team the projects have experienced great success. United Metal Products has a unique design assist process that they implement in dealing with data center owners to ensure that the solutions are properly designed, manufactured, applied, and maintained.  This process ensures that company’s are able to rightly leverage the benefits of evaporative cooling on their data centers while eliminating the risks.

If your team is looking to apply the energy efficient, OPEX reducing, technology of evaporative cooling on your data centers contact to learn how to safely and rightly apply this technology.

United Metal Products, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing evaporative cooling solutions for 34 years and has applied their equipment to hundreds of millions of square feet of facilities during this time period.