The Art and Science of Data Center Cooling

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In the continued interest of reducing  overall OPEX more and more data center owners are seeking out energy efficient ways to cool their mission critical facilities.  While there are definitely opportunities to save significant amounts of money through applying efficient solutions such as evaporative cooling, there are also dangers that need to be avoided.  In other words, there are some unchangeable laws that need to be understood in order to apply evaporative cooling on data centers (i.e. psychrometics etc.),  there are also things that are only learned through experience.  United Metal Products has been providing evaporative cooling solutions on facilities for over thirty years and during this time frame has learned much about the art of applying this energy efficient cooling technology. This experience has been integral in the development and application of data center specific cooling solutions.  If you are wanting to reduce the OPEX of your existing or future data centers without taking on unnecessary risk then make sure you are working with an experienced manufacturer who can assist you in rightly designing and applying evaporative cooling on data centers.

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