Ten Recommendations for Optimizing Evaporative Cooling Technology

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In order to maximize the energy efficient benefits of evaporative cooling technologies it is imperative that regular maintenance is done on the systems. This regular maintenance ensures optimal operating efficiencies and increases the life span of the equipment. One area of maintenance that is important to remember is the evaporative cooling media itself. In order to help end users get the greatest efficiency from the cooling pads CoolingMedia.com offers the following ten recommendations:

1. Reduce the total number of on and off cycles. By keeping the media from drying out too often the lifespan of the cooling pad is increased.

2. Shade the pads and sump. This prevents the sun from causing pre-mature damage to the media and increases the length of time between change outs.

3. Make sure that the pads are completely dried out once every 24 hours unless of course the building is a 24/7 operation.

4. Optimize the water bleed off of the system

5. If possible completely drain and cleanse the entire water distribution system once every three months.

6. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers or water treatment chemicals. Make sure the media is free from other harmful contaminants as well such as toxic fumes and dust.

7. Double check to make sure that the amount of water being run over the pad is in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation.

8. DO NOT allow dry spots on the evaporative cooling media.

9. Regularly check for and fix any leaks in the water distribution system.

10. Have a regularly scheduled maintenance routine where the water filters are cleansed

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