Strategically Leveraging Evaporative Cooling Technology in the Data Center

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Many enterprise data center owners have been seeking to capitalize on the increased recommended temperature range put forth by the ASHRAE TC 9.9.  One of the cooling strategies that is regularly being applied by these data center owners  to take advantage of the new temperature range is evaporative cooling.  Many conferences and seminars have rightly promoted evaporative cooling as an excellent energy saving method that has the potential to provide significant reduction on the OPEX of a mission critical facility.  However, most owners have unique requirements that their particular data center(s) has that require some sort of humidity control in the facility.   United Metal Products has developed and applied solutions for data centers that help owners to take advantage of all the energy efficient benefits of evaporative cooling without sacrificing reliability.  One of the unique solutions that United Metal Products has implemented on mission critical facilities is an application of the ERUTM which allows for greater control of the humidity level in the data center.

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