Is All Evaporative Cooling Media the Same?

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With so many types of evaporative cooling media on the market it can make it difficult to differentiate between them. However, the one thing that all of the products seem to have in common is that they claim to be the same as CELdek®. This leads the consumer to think that evaporative media is evaporative media is evaporative media. Is that really the case?

CELdek® evaporative cooling media is a highly engineered cooling pad designed to improve cooler efficiency. The cooling pads are made with a proprietary resin design that limits bacteria growth and decay for increased service life. CELdek® evaporative cooling media is so widely recognized as a superior product that most evaporative coolers sold in North America are originally designed with this cooling media.

To optimize your evaporative coolers efficiency replace your existing media with high quality CELdek® by contacting the cooling pad experts at