Fan-Air®: The Perfect Solution for Cooling Warehouse Facilities

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One unique challenge that warehouse facilities have is how to keep the building cool enough for the employees and the goods that are being stored. Business efficiency reports have shown that workers improve productivity when the temperatures are within a comfortable range. If your organization is looking to apply green technology that can help reduce the overall OPEX, the Fan-Air® line of evaporative cooling equipment is an excellent choice. These energy efficient evaporative coolers are designed with an efficient five blade axial fan that is perfect for low static applications. If the application is a slightly higher static application then Fan-Air® can be designed with a forward curve fan.

The innovative design of the Fan-Air® line of evaporative cooling equipment can deliver as much as 30,000 CFM while providing business owners a 60% operating savings over other evaporative units. All of these benefits and more make the Fan-Air® line of equipment conducive for all kinds of commercial and industrial facilities.

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