Entrust Your Cooling Needs to a Company with Over 30 Years of Experience

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When the economy is in a recession there is a peace of mind that comes from working with a company that has over thirty years of experience.  This is one of the many benefits that United Metal Products is able to offer their clients.  Now more than ever organizations that are looking to reduce their OPEX through the application of energy efficient cooling technology want to work with a proven manufacturer of high quality cooling equipment.

Because United Metal Products has been engineering, designing, and manufacturing green solutions for the past several decades, they are able to use this experience to create the most cost effective cooling solution for every facility.   United Metal Products is the complete cooling solution provider whether your facility is a 24/7  data center that needs an indirect-direct cooling solution such as the IDUTM or a large warehouse that needs a direct evaporative cooling strategy such as the Cel-Air®.

To leverage the experience of United Metal Products manufacturing and engineering ability on your next project contact info@unitedmetal.com

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