Efficiency Gain Regarding Indirect Cooling for Data Centers

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United Metal Products has been working with large data center owners  to significantly improve the efficiency of indirect evaporative cooling.   This efficiency gain is allowing data center owners to take advantage of the energy savings that evaporative cooling offers, without having to worry about introducing outside air into the data hall.  This new solution builds on the indirect evaporative cooling technology  that has been offered to clients of United Metal in other markets for the last several decades.  However, in order to address the unique design constraints of data centers including the need for continuous 24/7/365 operation, the UMP DC Cooling team integrated a significant efficiency improvement into the system.  The efficiency gain has provided certain hyper-scale data center clients  a solution that gives them up to a 50% or more energy savings when compared to the more traditional indirect system.

If your team is interested in learning more about how to apply this OPEX savings indirect system on your data centers then contact h.simmons@unitedmetal.com