Warm Water Data Center Cooling: The AHC™

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One of the best ways to address the issue of energy consumption in mission critical facilities such as data centers is to use energy efficient cooling solutions.  As end users become more comfortable with raising the air temperature to the server inlets there are several unique ways to reduce the overall OPEX of the data center.  There are multiple types of efficient solutions that data center owners and engineers have been applying in order to lower the energy consumed by these facilities.  United Metal Products has been providing all types of compressor free solutions for data centers.  Several of these solutions are based around the technology of adiabatic cooling in the form of  direct evaporative, indirect-direct evaporative,  indirect only, or other hybrid strategies.  One of these solutions that owners have been gravitating more to is the Adiabatic Hydro Cooler (The AHC).  The AHC offers an energy efficient, reliable, and cost effective cooling solution that uses indirect and evaporative cooling technologies in a modularized form factor to help reduce the overall PUE.  This system allows data center owners and operators to take advantage of the benefits of evaporative cooling without introducing outside air into the facility.

If you have a data center that you are building and are thinking through ways to reduce the OPEX then contact h.simmons@unitedmetal.com to learn about how you can safely leverage the energy efficient technology of evaporative cooling.