Chil-Pak®: An Excellent, Flexible, Reliable, and Modular Data Center Cooling Solution

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The fully integrated packaged central plant by Chil-Pak® is an excellent solution for data center cooling.  Chil-Pak® is a manufacturer of integrated packaged plants that provides complete chilled water solutions at the lowest possible cost to building owners in just a few months. The Chil-Pak® Central Plant SolutionTM reduces engineering design time, reduces the cost of field labor, and simplifies project management versus field constructed mechanical rooms by bringing all the disciplines (electrical,mechanical,structural and controls) associated with the engineering and construction of a typical central plant into a pre-defined ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing process. Chil-Pak’s® agile and responsive “brand neutral-application specific” concept allows a degree of product flexibility for 100- to 3000-ton applications unmatched in the industry.  Chil-Pak’s® ability to offer a scalable, flexible, and modular cooling system with redundancy makes it a perfect solution for data center facilities.  Use the Chil-Pak® “easy button” application support team to evaluate the benefits of different packaged plant design options for your next data center project.


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