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A critical path toward lowering the overall PUE in a data center is to get the power consumption required by the mechanical systems under control.  One of the more strategic and effective approaches to reducing the amount of energy required by the cooling systems is to reduce or eliminate entirely the amount of time that compressors are running.  In order to help data centers reduce their PUE , United Metal Products has come up with another standardized solution for mission critical facilities that can lead to significant power savings.  The DC-XRA integrates a cross flow heat exchanger into compact footprint with either indirect or direct evaporative cooling.  The technology that this  solution is based on has been applied by United Metal Products on facilities throughout the United States and has begun to be applied specifically on  data centers in the last couple of years.  One of the first deployments of this type of solution on a data center was by a large financial company.  By using this energy efficient cooling solution they have been able to lower their PUE to be one of the most efficient, if not the most efficient, data centers in the world with standardized inlet supply temperatures (based on ASHRAE 9.9 recommended guidelines with a maximum inlet supply temperature of 80.6°F).

Energy Efficient Data Center Cooling Solution: DC-XRA

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