Chil-Pak’s® Packaged Central Plant: A Perfect Compliment for Containerized Data Centers

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Chil-Pak® offers a fully integrated packaged central plant that is an excellent compliment for containerized data centers. The Chil-Pak® packaged plant provides data center owners with a modular, scalable, and redundant cooling solution for their facilities. Because Chil-Pak’s® packaged plant is designed by an interdependent team of highly trained engineers, they are able to offer several competitive advantages over a traditional central plant. The packaged plant solution not only reduces the overall engineering design time, but it also reduces the cost of on-site labor and provides the building owner with the simplicity of one point of contact for any maintenance that needs to be done.

To learn more about how the team at Chil-Pak® can design a customized packaged central plant for your next data center contact Sam Macrane at 480.503.8040 or email him at