Chil-Pak: Providing Fully Integrated Packaged Central Plants for Data Centers

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For data center owners time is money.  This is what makes the packaged central plant by Chil-Pak® such a strategic solution for providing cooling.  Chil-Pak’s® packaged central plants provide data center owners with reduced lead time when compared to a built up central plant.  This reduced lead time means the facility can more quickly be equipped to house multiple megawatts of computing power.  Three other advantages that Chil-Pak® offers are:

  1. Initial Cost-Chil-Pak® provides packaged central plants at up to 15% cheaper than a built up central plant.
  2. Minimized Field Labor Risk and Cost-Chil-Pak® brings the manufacturing process into a facility resulting in a reduction in field labor risk and cost.
  3. Consolidated System Responsibility-Chil-Pak® provides owners with a single point of contact for the system.

To learn more about how you can apply Chil-Pak’s packaged central plant to your next data center project contact